10 Minutes

“Warning: System Failure. Estimated oxygen remaining: ten minutes.” What? “No, no, no!” I jump out of the cockpit and run from window to window. There’s nothing, literally nothing. They have to be here. I need them to be here! It was just supposed to be a quick hop from one ship to the other, so … More 10 Minutes


Alzadt, Nubik. The Daerzan Residence, off Cubitt Street. Elya sat in front of her looking glass and plaited her hair off to the side. Her finest blue dress sat on her shoulders like the sky itself had decided to wrap itself around her. In front of her sat a small tray of make-up, ready for … More Foundations


Introduction A man walks up to you, solemn in the mouth and hard in the eyes. “Greetings, friend. Things have gone amiss in this world. People have turned towards cruelty, and compassion has become misguided. Criminals are sweet-talking their way out of confinement, but I have caught one such man before he had a chance … More Leniency


Location: Caouk, Garizal. The Queen’s winter castle. Besdett fidgeted with his shirt, flattening it as much as it would go. Not that it could really be flattened any more. His servants had been told expressly how important this meeting was. His mother, Duchess of Athselt, threatened to whip them within an inch of their lives … More Dowry

Alice v. Wonderland

A copy of court transcripts. Defendant: Alice of London; represented by: the White Rabbit. Plaintiff: Wonderland. Prosecutor: Ace of Hearts. Judge: King of Hearts. PROSECUTOR: People v. Alice of London, on trial for uselessness and resource waste. JUDGE: How do you respond? WHITE RABBIT: Not guilty, your honor, your Kingship. We would like to add, … More Alice v. Wonderland

War Paint

The war front; Alzairan camp Elise, aged fifteen, was unapologetically immersed in her cup. There was a nasty cut on her side, and their medic had done a shoddy job of binding it. No doubt it’d still be aching come morning, when the fighting would commence once again. She half-hoped their commander would send in … More War Paint

As Time Goes

A flat green line blips up, then down. A frail old heart beats and beats a slow, rhythmic drumroll to call on Death. With the first up blip, the clock on the wall sounds its first resonant tock. The man is surrounded by friends and family. His wife sits in the hospice chair, holding his … More As Time Goes