Current Novels in Progress

Dire Fate

It’s been fifty years since the Fay, outmatched by the first dragon to enter Fencoria, merged the souls of humans and the souls of wolves to create the first pack of daiyer wolves. It’s only been twenty since the Daiyer Wolf Exile.

Petros Vomir returns home that winter to find that his enemy, in the shape of a small daiyer wolf pack, has settled near the small village of Springhollow. Fearing they’ll threaten the lives of his friends and family, he seeks to destroy them. But an unfortunate twist of fate leaves Petros owing the pack’s alpha a life debt, unable to lift a finger to keep his village safe.

Both he and Simone, the alpha, do what they can to trust each other and to keep relations between their two people peaceful. If they fail, blood will be spilled on both sides. But it’s not as easy as it looks, ending generations-old mistrust between humanity and the daiyer wolves. A fight can only be held off for so long.

Point of Progress (1/03/2017):

Reworked Draft 2 now at 9 completed chapters out of an expected 35. (Or, 23k words out of expected 95k.) Completion expected before the end of the year.

Dire Frost

Co-authored with my writing partner.

Eighty years after the fall of the first dragon, the large Sister Mountain pack struggles to survive as a harsh winter falls. Misfortune clings to their pack, though, making it difficult for twin sisters Mara and Ulrica to keep everyone alive. But it’s not just starvation or frostbite that they must face; both dragons and humans threaten to throw the wolves into their own extinction.

But change is afoot. Mara’s nightmares reveal a dangerous new enemy must be faced in the months to come, if they can make it that long. Then along comes Benjamin, the first human in decades to be turned into a daiyer wolf by the Fay. The twins try to help integrate him into the pack, but change is a difficult thing to accept, and Benjamin happens to be the harbinger of it. Pack dynamics are changed, challenges are faced, leaving the twins trying to hold desperately onto their goal of survival.

Point of progress:

Beginning of draft 2


Untitled Fantasy

Point of progress:

Beginning of world-building (how the magic works, geography, etc.). Some info on main characters.