In Extremis

I write this on March 23d, on the heels of an announcement made in my state: all non-essential personnel are now mandated to stay home in order to decrease how overwhelmed the medical field is going to get as a result of this virus. For certain occupations, where it is already possible to work from … More In Extremis

On Magic and Writing

Recently I watched a video by Daniel Greene called “Dear Authors: Writing Magic Systems,” in which he discussed hard magic versus soft magic, and why one isn’t necessarily better than the other. If you aren’t familiar with his videos, I would check them out as Daniel posts fantasy-related content, like me, but better. If you … More On Magic and Writing

February Reading Reflections: Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

After my slow progress through the Wheel of Time series–which, never fear, I’m still reading!–let me tell you: I forgot how exhilarating it can be to read an entire book in less than a day. I got a week off of work to spend some time with my family, during which time I finished Lord … More February Reading Reflections: Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

A Web of Stories

In previous blog posts, I’ve discussed how you can use characters to generate plot. Naturally, you can also use known plot points to determine essential character traits that will need to be incorporated. If you know there will be a scene where your character will have to decide to trust someone, then, until that point, … More A Web of Stories

Things Remembered (Princess in the Tower #8)

Inai stood at a window-sill and shivered. The moon shone on her empty courtyard, but although the flowers were still in bloom, they could not distract her from her dream. It had felt like a nightmare, although nothing about it had seemed frightening. Inai had stood before a great tower, screaming up towards its singular … More Things Remembered (Princess in the Tower #8)

Welcome 2020

Hello! First of all, happy new year, and a warm welcome into this new decade. I’m so ready for it, I can’t even begin to explain. Climate change? Let’s do something big. Toxic masculinity and the patriarchy? Drawing the line. Mass shootings? Let’s end it. I’m telling you, any and everything, if it’s hurting us, … More Welcome 2020