Building Your Plot: An Introduction to Your Abstract

I’ve already confessed (multiple times, admittedly) that my favorite part of writing is the world-building. If I could, I would immerse myself in one world or another and build, build, build. Like Tolkien, I would know the people, their beliefs, their sense of fashion, their ethics, their language, their history. You can, I think, find … More Building Your Plot: An Introduction to Your Abstract

Home Front

Moltiarna, Alzair. Ligarkan District Hardik was hard at work in his small apothecary shop just behind his home. The Zheta family, acquaintances through Hardik’s wife, had sent someone with a rather large order. He didn’t really know what the medicines were for, though the Zheta’s servant had been inclined to posit theories. Tilde, his wife, … More Home Front

“Here Are Some Pins You May Like” and Other Concerns

I’m not afraid of social media. A lot of people my age seemed to be neck-deep in Instagram, Snapchat, and whatever other outlets allow them to connect to their friends in whatever way possible. I’m not like that; I have a small internet presence, and for right now, that suits me just fine. But I’m … More “Here Are Some Pins You May Like” and Other Concerns

Daughters and Sons

Location: Taerik, Garizal. Merchant district. Ferizan held his son’s hand tightly as they wove through the crowds of the merchant district. The food vendors were the worst. He knew young Woiren was hungry, eying the breads and stews offered with fervor. Unfortunately, his wife hadn’t given him enough coin to buy anything besides what she’d … More Daughters and Sons