Support the Blog Through Patreon

Here’s Why

I have always taken my blogging and writing seriously, but my big writing project that I am working on now makes me even more determined to put in the effort to make this my full time job: so I can focus on giving my readers that I know they (you) deserve. My first main goal is to get enough income to completely overhaul the visual of my blog, to make it more professional and inviting. I’m giving you, my readers, the chance to support that dream, and, in addition, get some extra content while you’re at it.

But What’s that Bonus Content?

Tier 1: Poet ($1/month)

A small commitment, becoming a Patreon poet gives you access to my TBR list–books I actually have on my shelf and am planning to read in the near future. It’ll also give you access to my reactions to books as I read through them.

Tier 2: Bard ($5/month)

The middle tier, Patreon bards get access to the same stuff poets do, but they also get a shout-out on my next blog post, as well as the chance to recommend and vote on books for my TBR.

Tier 3: Mad Chronicler ($15/month)

My mad chroniclers are a shout-out to my old blog, and with this commitment, chroniclers get the following in addition to the previous tiers: have your name posted on the side of the blog, get updates and info on my writing projects, and recommend blog post subjects.

Whether or not you join, you’ll continue to get the same content you’ve come here for in the past.

It’s just that extra stuff, that spice, that comes exclusively with joining the Patreon. 🙂

Let’s make something beautiful together.