Coming June 1st!

Las Corvika is a country ruled by a tyrant, but not for much longer if House Arnaud has anything to say about it. A small house with diminished power makes their chances slim, but they have a secret weapon hidden in plain sight: Zyre Arnaud, unknown daughter of Baron Jervin Arnaud, who is capable of magic. Big magic.

Zyre could be the key to their victory, if she plays her cards right. And if she’s lucky, she might not lose her mind for it, either. But when the young prince visits their home, looking for trouble, Zyre does the one thing she swore she would never do: she flees. A stranger offers her an escape route, and when Zyre flees to the neighboring country of Venasca, she consigns her family to the whims of the mercurial tyrant.

The clock is ticking. A civil war begins.

It’s high time Zyre learns what she’s truly capable of.

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