I am a college student at Capital University, spending half my time on schoolwork and the other half of my time on making some heavy revisions to my work in progress. I’m very serious about my writing career, as it’s something I’ve wanted to do for years now. I’ve been working on Dire Fate, the first novel I’ve ever had any intent to publish, for a little over three years now. My genre of choice is fantasy, although I hope to one day write a killer steam-punk and also wouldn’t mind dabbling in some sci-fi subgenre or another.

The best part of writing for me is creating fantasy worlds. Lore, language nuances, impacts of religious beliefs onto a society, etc. are fascinating to me. Tolkien is a huge inspiration in that regard. However, other favorite authors of mine are Kristin Cashore, J. K. Rowling, Marie Lu, and Marissa Meyer, among others. Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle was an old favorite of mine as well.

This website is new, but I’ve been blogging haphazardly for roughly a year. There, I share what little writing wisdom I have, book reviews, and book pet peeves. (Biggest pet peeve of all time, which I’m very serious about: any romance novel pretending to be a fantasy novel. No. Just no.) I also try to post some writing prompts I’ve stumbled across recently, and on the rare occasion when I have time to spare, I’ll post short stories or poetry.  I do, however, have a wattpad account with two short poetry books titled “Forest Dwindling (Poetry Collection)” and “Stories Beneath the Ashes.” Feel free to check ’em out, if poetry is your thing.


I also have a cat, who I should probably talk about more but don’t. Here’s a picture of him. His name is Lucky, but we also call him Preggo or Turtle depending on our moods. He deserves it. He’s round as a bowling ball. Calm down on the munching, bud. The food’s not going anywhere.





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