Location: Caouk, Garizal. The Queen’s winter castle. Besdett fidgeted with his shirt, flattening it as much as it would go. Not that it could really be flattened any more. His servants had been told expressly how important this meeting was. His mother, Duchess of Athselt, threatened to whip them within an inch of their lives … More Dowry

War Paint

The war front; Alzairan camp Elise, aged fifteen, was unapologetically immersed in her cup. There was a nasty cut on her side, and their medic had done a shoddy job of binding it. No doubt it’d still be aching come morning, when the fighting would commence once again. She half-hoped their commander would send in … More War Paint


Location:  Stadtholme, Nubik. Guard house. It was dark in the armory when Steston stepped inside, one hand holding a half-melted candle while the other hovered over the knife in his belt. He did not like the dark. Darkness was where the most vile of violence occurred. Ambushes made by men with no honor left others … More Ambush