The Middle Grade Reread Challenge

I’ve always been a book nerd, even when I was young. The kind that read on the schoolbus, that always went to the library during a free period, that sneakily read books by the light that seeped under the crack of my bedroom door at night. Some of them, such as the likes of The Inheritance Cycle or the Graceling Realm series, hit in such a way that I’ve still got copies on my bookshelf.

Of course, there are plenty of other books that I read that were entirely forgettable. But then… there are some that sat just a little different, books that feel ancient now but that, taking one look at their book covers, sends me rolling down memory lane like a bowling ball that hurtles towards the pins.

The five books (or series) below are five such stories that did just that. So here’s the challenge: to read all five in the span of a month. (Not easy with a full-time job. These are no picture books.) I plan on buying them from my local bookstore, and the challenge will start as soon as I’ve finished A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor, so keep an eye out on my blog and my Twitter so you don’t miss the start of the challenge.

To hold you over 🙂 Here’s the list and what about them stuck out.

The Tales of Despereaux

I think I remember something about this book being turned into an animated film, though I can’t remember if I watched it. But it was such an interesting, quirky little book. It’s about a mouse that lives in a castle, but according to the Goodreads synopsis, it’s also about a princess, and a serving girl. I vividly remember something about…soup? I don’t really remember much, but I think it was a morose, though whimsical, narrative, and I’m always down for that.

The Mysterious Benedict Society series

Book #1: The Mysterious Benedict Society

I have my little brother to thank for this one. This book is a series, focused around four young but absolutely brilliant children who infiltrate a strange learning institute to investigate curious events going on there. It was such a fun book, with such fascinating characters. Despereaux might be one of those timeless, almost fairytale-esque stories, but this one? I hope I haven’t aged too much to enjoy it.

Books of Bayern

Book #1: The Goose Girl

This one. If The Mysterious Benedict Society got me to start peeking at books from my younger years, this series is the one that sparked the idea for this challenge. There is something visceral in the memories I have for this series, especially for the second book, Enna Burning. But when I looked at the synopsis on Goodreads for Goose Girl, I just went !!! I remember the horse. I remember something absolutely devastating happening, but I shall say no more. I hardly remember much more. But I absolutely need to get my hands on this book.


Book #1: Inkheart

This had always been such a good book. A story, about people who can literally make the pages of a book come to life? How amazing that is, especially for someone who lived and breathed stories as a young girl. Imagine how cool it would be to have that power… or maybe, how frightening. Either way, I’m long overdue for a reread.

The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica

Book #1: Here, There Be Dragons

I remember absolutely loving this whole series. Unlike the others, I probably read through this at least twice. But if we’re going down memory lane, this has to be on the list. The series is set in England during the first World War, and three characters find themselves in charge of an atlas that holds maps to all lands both real and imagined. You’ll find out that the characters are based off of real characters, but I’ll never say who 🙂 because it was such a pleasant surprise.


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