A Special Treat For a Birthday

Nyles, Cova-Wrehn. Within Fort Ardok. It was the eve of Orianne’s fiftieth birthday, and her grandson Cyril wanted to make it something special. It wasn’t every day that people made it to fifty! Grandfather Laurent only made it to forty-seven before he passed, the Lord bless him and protect his spirit. Caught the plague that … More A Special Treat For a Birthday

Daughters and Sons

Location: Taerik, Garizal. Merchant district. Ferizan held his son’s hand tightly as they wove through the crowds of the merchant district. The food vendors were the worst. He knew young Woiren was hungry, eying the breads and stews offered with fervor. Unfortunately, his wife hadn’t given him enough coin to buy anything besides what she’d … More Daughters and Sons