Soldier Heart (A Cinderella Retelling)

A Nubikian Fairy Tale Once upon a time, in a far away land, a young boy named Cero watched by his mother’s sickbed as she passed to an unshakable illness. His father was much aggrieved, but young Cero needed a mother if he was to grow up strong. So within the year, Cero’s father had … More Soldier Heart (A Cinderella Retelling)

Home Front

Moltiarna, Alzair. Ligarkan District Hardik was hard at work in his small apothecary shop just behind his home. The Zheta family, acquaintances through Hardik’s wife, had sent someone with a rather large order. He didn’t really know what the medicines were for, though the Zheta’s servant had been inclined to posit theories. Tilde, his wife, … More Home Front