Massive Shifts to Come

I have an announcement.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about how I might make both my author site and TMC more manageable, since it’s a bit of a hassle to keep up two blogs (it’s also one of those things where, if I mention my blog to someone, they say “Oh, you have a blog? That’s so cool!” and then I say, “Actually, I have two,” and I swear, every time, there’s crickets.) So I found myself a solution.

I’m going to offer you readers the opportunity to join an email list to get exclusive content that is going to be pretty similar to what I wanted to offer on my author’s site: discussions of writing/publishing trends, as well as information on my books’ journey towards publication, as it comes.

So if it’s basically the same stuff as what I’m offering here, why the change? Well, I’m glad you asked. (Well, I asked for you, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you were thinking about it.) I intend to keep TMC as my active blog, posted twice a month as I’ve been doing for awhile now, with the content that I began in January. But for those who will join the emails, I intend to stick to a strict schedule of one email landing in your inbox every month. (As Dire Fate gets much closer to publication, that may change, but most important updates in that regard will probably go on Twitter instead.) Basically, it’s one less “post” for me to write every month.

Expect some structural changes to come to both my author site and TMC. Older blog posts from both will still be available, on both sites, but I’m trying to keep TMC separate from my author site so I don’t have to change its web address and have my followers get all confused. It’ll take some tinkering, but I think I’ve got the mad skills required. In any case, my intention is to get everything set up before May 1st so my first monthly email can hit your inboxes on that date.

Alright. I think that basically covers it. Thanks to blogger Rachel Poli for bringing the Email List up; I’d forgotten about that option, and it was nice to have the reminder to spark some ideas on my end. That was much shorter than I was thinking it would be. Anyway, if there are any questions or concerns, put them in the comments. I’ll answer.


Last, but certainly not least, April is the official month for Camp NaNoWriMo. If you follow me on Twitter (and you can click the little Twitter bird at the bottom of the site if you don’t; it’ll take you to my profile) you know that I’m not participating this month. The unfortunate thing about NaNo and Camp NaNo is that they’re both inconveniently placed towards the very end of the school semester. With impending finals and my job both already competing for my attention, I barely have time to write as it is.

I intend to take off on my own and do Camp NaNo in May. If you’re also a college kid and want to join me, let me know. We can do it together. Same goes for Nano this year; I’ll be doing it in October, probably, since early in the semester is usually pretty lacking in the chaos department. I’ll keep you updated. And, like NaNo last year, I’ll probably post my story on Wattpad on the daily.

For those of you participating in Camp NaNo now, best of luck. Begin as you mean to go on, as Leigh Bardugo had said at the beginning of the year. Do your best. At the very least, writing a little is better than not writing at all. You’ve got this.

An indignant Lucky, from a few weeks ago when I’d left him for three whole days. (P.S., yes, my dad and sister were still home to take care of him. I’m not a monster.)

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