Goodbye, Goodreads. Hello, StoryGraph?

Everyone loves to hate on Goodreads, and for good reason. Amazon bought the website several years ago, and ever since then, there haven’t been any substantial updates to how the site looks or operates. It just feels old. That, plus all the ads, the Book Awards amounting to nothing more than a popularity contest, and … More Goodbye, Goodreads. Hello, StoryGraph?

Winterkeep: Publication Info and Personal Expectations

I cannot tell you how excited I was to learn that we were going to get another book in the Graceling Realm series. If you know anything about me from my blog, it’s probably that I absolutely adore this series. It’s been eight years since Bitterblue had been published, and with the way it ended, … More Winterkeep: Publication Info and Personal Expectations

What is Fantasy?

I recently watched an old youtube podcast involving three hosts talk about fantasy. (For the intensely curious: The Story Telling Podcast #16: Writing Fantasy) It was clear that they were not particularly well-versed in the genre, and to be fair it was back from 2013. However, as I listened to them try to to define … More What is Fantasy?

Book Review: Knife of Dreams (Wot #11) by Robert Jordan

After the slow-moving narrative of the previous book, Knife of Dreams is all it’s hyped up to be. Many of the plotlines that dragged Crossroads of Twilight are officially brought to a close as everyone steels themselves for the last battle. I’ll talk about the pacing of the overall series below, but first, let’s dive … More Book Review: Knife of Dreams (Wot #11) by Robert Jordan