Let’s Talk Tropes: The Lost Heir

In a genre that likes to play with monarchy, it’s no surprise that several fantasy stories have a big toolbox when it comes to throne-related tropes. For a genre, too, that frequently attempts to set its protagonist apart from everyone else, transforming them from something “common” to something “special,” it is perhaps also unsurprising that … More Let’s Talk Tropes: The Lost Heir

AtLA Book Tag!

As an avid lover of Avatar the Last Airbender, I was super excited to see there was a book tag connected to the absolutely stunning animated TV show. If you haven’t seen it, I would certainly recommend watching it; although the first season is aimed more at younger kids, it gets better with each passing … More AtLA Book Tag!

What is Fantasy?

I recently watched an old youtube podcast involving three hosts talk about fantasy. (For the intensely curious: The Story Telling Podcast #16: Writing Fantasy) It was clear that they were not particularly well-versed in the genre, and to be fair it was back from 2013. However, as I listened to them try to to define … More What is Fantasy?