Let’s Talk Tropes: Minions

No, we’re not talking today about the little corndog shaped creatures from Despicable Me. Or, more accurately perhaps, it’s not all that we’re talking about today. When it comes to combat, there are two options for making the protagonist struggle: conflict of wit or conflict of number. That is to say, outsmarted versus outmatched. Is … More Let’s Talk Tropes: Minions

AtLA Book Tag!

As an avid lover of Avatar the Last Airbender, I was super excited to see there was a book tag connected to the absolutely stunning animated TV show. If you haven’t seen it, I would certainly recommend watching it; although the first season is aimed more at younger kids, it gets better with each passing … More AtLA Book Tag!

What is Fantasy?

I recently watched an old youtube podcast involving three hosts talk about fantasy. (For the intensely curious: The Story Telling Podcast #16: Writing Fantasy) It was clear that they were not particularly well-versed in the genre, and to be fair it was back from 2013. However, as I listened to them try to to define … More What is Fantasy?