Welcome 2020

Hello! First of all, happy new year, and a warm welcome into this new decade. I’m so ready for it, I can’t even begin to explain. Climate change? Let’s do something big. Toxic masculinity and the patriarchy? Drawing the line. Mass shootings? Let’s end it. I’m telling you, any and everything, if it’s hurting us, now’s the time to get the ball rolling and stop it in its tracks.

I’ve seen the internet of two minds about this. Many are worried, I think, overwhelmed because it’s a time for change and, as always, there is so much to change. I get it. Trust me, I do. But we can’t afford to sit back and hope the problem just disappears. Not anymore. It’s our responsibility to change what we do not like, to act against the status quo in order to make this world we live in a little more bearable.

Good luck, my friends. Let’s go change the world.


Now, a personal aside. This will be the only blog post I publish in January. As some of you may know, I like to write my posts a month in advance to minimize the chances of being late on a blog post, or simply not scheduling in general. Normally, I manage pretty well, but December as a whole was chaotic to say the least, hence this being the lone January post.

But, no worries! I’ll be writing blog posts like I normally do, and come February, you’ll find your regularly scheduled programming is up and available.

Happy writing and merry reading, friends.


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