Pride and Prejudice (2005) Movie Analysis

Pride and Prejudice was published by Jane Austen in late January, 1813, a classic romantic tale involving one of the most tantalizing, tense hate-to-love relationship I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. For those of you who don’t know, I’m reading it for my February Romance Reading Challenge. For my last reading challenge, the Middle … More Pride and Prejudice (2005) Movie Analysis

In Extremis

I write this on March 23d, on the heels of an announcement made in my state: all non-essential personnel are now mandated to stay home in order to decrease how overwhelmed the medical field is going to get as a result of this virus. For certain occupations, where it is already possible to work from … More In Extremis

On Character Accuracy

Last week I, I brought up the happy news that Wheel of Time is getting its own TV show. However, with conflict already brewing over questions of character race and what that should mean for their actors and actresses, I thought it would be prudent to dedicate an entire blog post about it. Book-to-screen adaptions … More On Character Accuracy

A Good World

Spoiler warning: Please note this discusses the final episode of Game of Thrones. Perhaps one of the most chilling pieces of dialogue in the series finale of Game of Thrones belongs to Daenerys as she speaks to Jon about creating a better world, now that the war is over. It’s inevitable that, with threats like … More A Good World