Presumption of Nonprogression

Allow me to begin with a brief but poignant anecdote. When I was in high school, I was not particularly brilliant in gym class. I loved to run, but I had almost no upper body strength, no dexterity, and a potentially a slightly-below-average hand-eye coordination. That meant, when it came to sports, I was usually … More Presumption of Nonprogression

Taking Flight

It’s been a month since I wrote “The Last Pages of my College Chapter” and let me tell you: these past few weeks have gone by quickly. So although this isn’t generally the content I’d cover in the last week of the month, I wanted to spend some time talking about what it’s been like … More Taking Flight

“Here Are Some Pins You May Like” and Other Concerns

I’m not afraid of social media. A lot of people my age seemed to be neck-deep in Instagram, Snapchat, and whatever other outlets allow them to connect to their friends in whatever way possible. I’m not like that; I have a small internet presence, and for right now, that suits me just fine. But I’m … More “Here Are Some Pins You May Like” and Other Concerns