The Magician’s Tower (Princess in the Tower #9)

Ella stared out of the window with her head resting on her arms. Her winged wolf, Count Saber, who was full-grown now, dozed by her feet with his wings sprawled out. She had half a mind to join him, but something kept her at the window. “How many years have I been in this tower, … More The Magician’s Tower (Princess in the Tower #9)

Things Remembered (Princess in the Tower #8)

Inai stood at a window-sill and shivered. The moon shone on her empty courtyard, but although the flowers were still in bloom, they could not distract her from her dream. It had felt like a nightmare, although nothing about it had seemed frightening. Inai had stood before a great tower, screaming up towards its singular … More Things Remembered (Princess in the Tower #8)

Prayers to Maru

Enisthasia’s wings felt heavy as she flew through the door leading into the temple. The statue of the four-faced Godden towered over their subjects, flying without wings. She recognized Narivall, who knelt before Lyfa, in her eternal summer beauty. He’d been here on more than one occasion, perhaps still asking whether or not he ought … More Prayers to Maru