The Craft of Bookish First Lines

First lines are difficult no matter the genre, and although fantasy allows for a wider range of topics to start off the book, the variety of choices can make it harder to pick which one is best. I’ve taken some of the fantasy books off of my shelf, a mix of urban fantasy, YA fantasy, … More The Craft of Bookish First Lines

Know Your Archetypes

Perhaps one of the most high-stakes aspect of drafting your novel is the creation of the plot. It draws together all the hard work you’ve put into making the characters and setting up the world, creating enough conflict to make it all worthwhile for you and your future readers. Theoretically, strong characters can hold a … More Know Your Archetypes

The Process of Writing a Novel: An Unpublished Author’s Edition

Stage 1: Catch the spark. This is the most thrilling part that any to-be-author is going to see for quite some time. Where the ideas come from is a bit of a mystery. It begins, I suppose, with an impression or an image that sparks the novelist’s mind in the form of a creative what … More The Process of Writing a Novel: An Unpublished Author’s Edition

Welcome 2018!

We all know what comes with the new year: the dreaded Resolutions, promises we make ourselves until we find how difficult they are to keep. A new favorite author of mine, Leigh Bardugo, suggested that we Begin As We Mean To Go On. That’s exactly what I did on January 1st. But, before getting into … More Welcome 2018!