A Web of Stories

In previous blog posts, I’ve discussed how you can use characters to generate plot. Naturally, you can also use known plot points to determine essential character traits that will need to be incorporated. If you know there will be a scene where your character will have to decide to trust someone, then, until that point, … More A Web of Stories

The Nonsense Factor

When building a new world from scratch, a lot of elements can be determined based off of a pre-existing sense or understanding of the world. I’ve discussed this approach in previous blog posts: start from the known, and work your way out. Know you want a moon deity? Then also know that there’s going to … More The Nonsense Factor

Know Your Archetypes

Perhaps one of the most high-stakes aspect of drafting your novel is the creation of the plot. It draws together all the hard work you’ve put into making the characters and setting up the world, creating enough conflict to make it all worthwhile for you and your future readers. Theoretically, strong characters can hold a … More Know Your Archetypes

Time to Plan the Narrative: Building Your Plot pt. 4

In the last three months, we’ve taken some time to figure out the basics of our story through its abstract, as well as discussed what should be taken into consideration when crafting your characters and your world. Now, it’s time to put them all together and create the most fundamental piece of any novel: the … More Time to Plan the Narrative: Building Your Plot pt. 4

Building Your Plot: An Introduction to Your Abstract

I’ve already confessed (multiple times, admittedly) that my favorite part of writing is the world-building. If I could, I would immerse myself in one world or another and build, build, build. Like Tolkien, I would know the people, their beliefs, their sense of fashion, their ethics, their language, their history. You can, I think, find … More Building Your Plot: An Introduction to Your Abstract